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  • Networking

We can help you design and implement your network from the ground up, or expand your current network infrastructure. One of our network specialists will create a customized solution for your voice and data network environment, with security in mind to establish or enhance your network's integrity.

Our experience includes local and wide area networks, utilizing quality equipment from vendors such as Cisco and Fortinet

  • Security

With the Internet comes the constant threat of intrusion and viruses and it is driving organizations to focus on security. We can help you understand your risks and review your potential vulnerabilities. In some industries it is a requirement to continually maintain and document your security.

With our Security service, we look from the outside in, looking for flaws or open areas in your network that we can penetrate and gain access. We then propose recommendations for improving your security and policies.

We have provided Security Assessments and most always finding flaws that would severly impact operations for the following types of organizations:

  • Banking and Finance

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail/E-Commerce

  • Public Utilities

  • Law Firms

With every Security Assessment we provide reports which you can submit to agencies such as the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Public Service Commission, or other agencies with whom you are required to provide documentation.

Our work with you is strictly confidential. We never disclose who we have provided this security service